Do you get a full night's sleep every night? Do you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday? Do you eat the proper amounts and types of food? DO YOU EXERCISE for at least 30 minutes, 3 times in the last week?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you part of a very small minority of people who will live longer and enjoy a better quality of live. If you answered NO to more than 1 of the questions, then you are part of the majority of the people today.

As a personal fitness trainer of over 25 years, I have heard of every objection for not eating and exercising that is imaginable. A large number of people think that it will take too long and be too tough to get back into shape. Some even say that they don’t workout because they are worried that they will become "too muscular" or "get too big". And others claim that they just "don’t have the time". Excuses, Excuses, Excuses and it is all just procrastination.

Let’s say that you are a person that does not eat properly, drinks excessively, experiences some stress and does not workout (totally hypothetical). And one morning you wake up, get out of bed, complete your morning rituals and are now sitting at the breakfast table eating bacon and eggs and drinking your 3 cup of coffee (sound familiar?). Then out of nowhere, (heaven forbid) you feel a great pain in your left arm and chest, and the next thing you remember is awakening in a hospital bed with tubes in your arm and all kinds of electrical machines hooked up to you.

This is just how quickly a life threatening disaster can happen. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans will experience this each day. Not necessarily exactly the same way, but with the same results.

Does this have to happen to you? Why would this have to happen at all? Fortunately there is an incredible amount of free information available to help educate as about the prevention of heart disease. There are many trained professionals that can show you how to modify your diet to reduce fats and bad cholesterol. And last but not least, many fitness trainers are willing to set down with you and design a fitness program geared towards you fitness needs. All you have to do is look for it. Proper dieting and exercising will allow you to sleep better and definitely make you feel and look better too. It just might safe your life.


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