This article is offering a few "training tips". Keep in mind that you do not have to be a competitive weightlifter or bodybuilder to enjoy the benefits of weight training, cardiovascular activities or an aerobics program.

  • Tip #1: KEEP A TRAINING LOG: Record all of your workouts so you can chart your progress and review what your goals were and how you achieved them.
  • Tip #2: EAT SEVERAL SMALL MEALS A DAY: Eat frequent small meals that provide a consistent supply of nutrients for the most efficient muscle growth. It will help keep the metabolism at a constant.
  • Tip #3: EAT PROTEIN: Try to eat about 1 gram of protein for each 1.5 pound of bodyweight. You may need to supplement the diet with amino acids or protein shakes.
  • Tip #4: AVOID DISTRACTIONS: Too many times I have seen people in the gym, just standing around and chatting with their friends. Have conversations before and after your training session if you must, but once the workout begins, become self-centered, serious and selfish with time. You need to turn all pagers and cell phones in the off position and utilize this time "just for you".
  • Tip #5: CHANGE YOUR PROGRAMS: In about 6-8 weeks on the same workout program, your body becomes accustomed to it. You will make less gains and become immune to the same thing over and over. Confusing the muscle with a new program will assure you new growth.
  • Tip #6: INCREASE THE WEIGHT: By the 3rd or 4th workout, you should start increasing the amount of weight you use. This too will stimulate muscle growth by forcing the muscle fibers to increase in number.
  • Tip #7: DON’T OVERTRAIN: A lot of people train too long or use too many exercises which may lead to overtraining and possible injury. Simply increase the intensity of your workout and drop back on the number of different exercises, limiting them to 2-3 movements per body part.
  • Tip #8: BREATH CORRECTLY: The breathing part is such a very important aspect of training. Breathing supplies the muscle cells with oxygen and helps deliver energy. Whenever the weights are on the up rise, exhale. Another way to remember is to exhale upon exertion.


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