One summer day we went to the pool of an amusement park. As I started oiling up for a day in the sun, I began to take notice of the people that surrounded me. There were families, young children, teens and older adults enjoying the sun and water. I also noticed that the majority of people were fat and over-weight. It would be fair to say the less than 5% of the people looked as if they participated in any type of exercise program or even tried to keep themselves in shape.

Our self-image is important to us and should continually be evaluated. There are many people that have the desire to make major improvements in the quality of their lives, yet so few are willing to take the time to do so.

The #1 cause of death in the USA is heart disease. Heart failure is a condition by which the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the metabolic needs of body tissues. Some of the more common causes of heart failure for those after 40 years of age are, coronary hardening of the arteries from coagulation of blood inside the heart, high blood pressure, disease of the heart valves, lung disease, and general damage to the heart muscle. Some may suffer heart failure caused by a combination of inherited heart diseases and the fore-mentioned acquired conditions.

Other factors that may cause heart failure in heart-disease patients without symptoms are sudden strenuous effort, increased work load, too much salt in the diet, sudden emotional upset, and the giving of excessive volumes of fluids by your veins. You may be able to "beat the odds" by increasing heart-muscle strength through exercise and aerobic training, salt-free diets and eating modifications.

To benefit the most and retain the best results, you must exercise on a regular basis. I am not suggesting you train 3-4 hours a day seven days a week, rather 30-60 minutes at a time, 3-4 days a week. In just a short period of time you will begin to feel better both physically and mentally. Whether you are trying to loose weight, gain weight or just overall condition, it only takes a little time and effort. The key to your success is based on how much you want, and how much you are willing to give to get it.

I strongly urge that you to hire a personal fitness trainer (maybe me!!) who will assure you the continual progress and personal satisfaction. A good trainer will offer a "FREE" fitness evaluation and consultation. They should allow you to ask questions that you might have. You need to find the right trainer that fits your needs and helps you ascertain you individual fitness goals.

Just because a trainer has a certification or a college degree, does not necessarily mean he/she knows how to instruct in this skilled field. Request references and to see other client's training program charts. Determine how long have they been in the fitness field and then consider if they are what you are looking for.

Be very careful that the person you are dealing with is in fact the same person that is going to be your trainer. Some health clubs sell a good program, but then turn you over to a questionable trainer.


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