My name is Jim Privitor. I started my weight training program right after I had graduated from high school in 1976 from Southwest High School in St. Louis MO. My first training coach was a former Mr. Missouri Bodybuilder named Gary Van Doren. I had joined his gym in September of that same year and because of my abnormal leg strength, he suggested I start competing as a powerlifter. Truth is, I had never even heard of the sport before then (see pics under ACCOMPLISHMENTS).

I competed in over 20 powerlifting competitions and was fortunately able to set over 12 meet records. Best of all, I shook hands and talked to many World Champions and got great advice and tips from them on lifting techniques and training. We had a standing joke back then that "BODYBUILDING was comprised from injured powerlifters". Both sports take an enormous amount of time, dedication, effort, hard training and discipline

In 1981, I went to work for Gary at his (second) gym as a trainer, but would have to give credit for my future success in the fitness industry to one of his business partners ( Mike B), whom I learned the administration and management aspects of the business. They had three clubs by the time I started working for them and I worked in each of them at various times.

In 1986, at age 27, I took over the ownership of my very own health club. As fate would have, it just happened to be the very first gym that I belonged to 10 years earlier. By the spring of 1989, the economy had fallen-out and high inflation had set in. The fitness industry took a big hit. Disposable income dropped and most of the small "mom and pop" clubs were thinning out and closing, so I decided in my best interest to close down my gym as well.

In 1989, I officially started a personal fitness training business and named it "BETTER BODIES Fitness Consultants". I had a great desire to help others experience a better quality of life through fitness.

Armed with tons of training experience that I had gotten through the years is how I came to be known as the "FITNESS GURU".

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site and I hope that you may learn from the information I have provided. Please feel free to email me for more information ( ).



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